Osler Daycare


Project Scope

Design a daycare centre within the perimeter of a running track of a local school. The running track must be preserved. The daycare must accomodate children in the following categories: Infant, Toddler, and Child.

Design Intent

Foster connection between users & public, between children and their environment, between building elements, between the north park and south road. Reinvigorate the existing park to the North while improving the neighbourhood. Promote an improved sense of community through connection.

Formal Attributes

The building plan is based on the most elemental geometric shapes - much like the building blocks and playthings of children. Just as a child will finger paint and play with colours, sunlight filtering through multi hued glass in the rotunda paints the white finishes on the interior with colour and light. A tree-like canopied column in the center of the rotunda gives the illusion of being able to sit under a tree in the wilderness. This provides a common teaching and oration area for older children.