About Me

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Hi, I'm Joe Ball.

I'm an architectural designer based in Toronto, Canada. I'm currently providing consulting services to a small boutique design firm. I am a graduate of Ryerson University’s Bachelor of Architecture program, and I’ve been employed in the architectural field for over seven years. Architecture is my passion. Every day I am invigorated by the work I do and I am always eager to take the next step forward in my career. My ultimate goal is to become a licensed architect.

Personal Statement

We are facing an era of unprecedented change in the architectural profession. The development of complex building technologies has led to the emergence of specialized consulting fields, such as green building consultants, lighting specialists, landscape architects, and interior designers. This redistribution of knowledge and responsibility has gradually eroded the traditionally held view of the architect as master builder and prime consultant. As a result, in the coming decades there is no blueprint for the future architect. Young architects must emerge from the husk of the profession and blaze new trails, mastering and employing cutting edge technologies to solve ever more complex design problems and establish a place for themselves. New technological solutions will be the rebirth of the profession. It is imperative that architects embrace these tools. I would like to explore the effects of emerging technology on the future of the architectural profession. I want to help define the new architectural archetype in the 21st Century. While it is difficult to determine where the profession will be in 20 years, I want to be there shaping it. I am interested in exploring how emerging technologies will alter the way we design, construct, and experience buildings.